Inter-departmental Risk Communication Team for Listeriosis outbreak established

Speaking with one voice is the guiding principle in Risk or Crisis Communication. This is even more important when the crisis is a health outbreak. A risk Communication team consisting of Communicators from Departments of Health, the Trade and Industry, Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries and Environmental Affairs as well as Government Communication and Information System was established to communicate and issue media statement regarding the Listeriosis outbreak

The role of the Risk Communication Team will be to ensure that communication to the media and the public is conducted in a coordinated manner so that there are no conflicting or competing messages during the outbreak.

The team will also be responsible for ensuring that efforts are being made to keep the public informed with accurate health information regarding transmission of listeriosis and its prevention through multiple communication and media channels as well as community engagement activities intended to reach the vulnerable groups.

The team is planning a media workshop that is intended to train media on how to report objectively on the Listeriosis outbreak. Stakeholders who are expected to attend include Health Communicators from National Departments, Provincial Departments, municipalities as well as industries